• Bookings

      Get instant visibility into your Bookings. There is no need to spend hours hunkered down over a spreadsheet or a bolt on an additional analytics application. The Transaction Management application includes reports that were previously unattainable with traditional CPQ applications.

    • Sum, average or filter any report by CMRR, CARR, TCV
    • View by transaction type for New vs Renewal vs Add-on
    • Accurarely measure true Incremental business
    • View Period over Period growth by any of the "xRR" metrics
  • Renewals

    Gain an accurate view into your book of business and customer churn rates for both dollar and customer count.

    • Expected vs Actual Renewal for Count and Dollar
    • Know what products didn’t renew by Customer, Contract or Period
    • Automatically maintain future Renewal Forecasts
    • Monitor your Customer and Contract Churn
  • Products

    Dive into product details at any level. View purchases of Products, Upgrades or Renewal Rates. Monitor discounting by product family, transaction type or reps.

    • Discounts by Product or Family
    • Most upgraded products
    • Expansions of existing Product
    • Add-ons of new feature set
    • Bundle & Promotion Performance

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