• Subscription Management

      We’re built on SaaS, by SaaS experts, and specially for SaaS. We ensure there is no Renewal left behind, no metric unmeasured and that it happens automatically.

    • Create Future Renewals
    • Automatically calculate Expected and Actual Renewal values
    • Track all Subscription elements from Dates to Terms
    • Send renewal notifications to customers
    • Co-term Orders
    • Upgrade and track true Expansion
  • Customer Master

    Take the guesswork out of managing your customer master. Map your business to the automation engine and keep your customer count up-to-date without any manual intervention.

    • Automatically update Customer types for New, Expired and Past
    • Real Time Customer Count
    • View Overall Customer Count Activity
    • Drill into Customer Lifetime and Averages
  • Create Efficiency & Enforce Consistency

    Every aspect of the lifecycle is displayed in business terms that make it easy to use, and easy to create accurate and useful data. From creating Products, to Quotes the automation engine ensures complete data accuracy.

    • Lock down and Book Won Orders
    • Utilize transaction naming conventions
    • Default Pricebooks by User or Profile
    • Automatically categorize Opportunities & Transactions

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